The Summit

Lawrence Kansas' premier fitness and wellness gym, located downtown at 9th and New Hampshire. Clean, friendly and no contracts.

Video Library

These videos can be conviniently accessed from inside the gym using your smartphone. To get the most out of your workout, you will want to follow the prescribed tempo, as indicated by a four-digit code. How to read the tempo code.

The Summit Exercise Video Library:

Foam Rolling

Dumbbell Overhead Press

Dumbbell Incline Press

Bicep Curl

Leg Press

Seated Cable Row

Dynamic Warm Up

Reverse Hyper


Glute Ham Raise

Lat Pull Down

45-degree Back Extension

Tempo Code: Some of the videos will include a tempo code. The tempo code is a four digit number used to indicate the speed of a repitition in seconds.

An example tempo code: 3010.

The first number is the speed of the eccentric (lowering) phase, the second is a pause at the bottom (or stretched) part of the movement, the third is the speed of the concentric (raising) phase, and the final number is the pause at the top (or contracted) part of the movement.

Therefore, the tempo prescription that reads 3131 would be a three-second lowering, a one second pause, a three second raising and a one second pause before beginning the next repitition.

A 0 indicates no pause, and an X indicates explosive movement (as fast as possible).